Making a Window Shelf with an Old Chippy Window

5:30:00 AM

Nothing is better than finding a pile of wood on the side of the road on the way home from work...

Found wood for a window shelf

Especially when you've been meaning to go buy a piece just like the one you found to make another window shelf

Making a window shelf with an old chippy window and a wreath.

The pieces I found were exactly what I needed. I cut the shelf piece to the size I needed and wood glued and nailed it to the bottom of my chippy window. I used my favorite Ryobi nail gun.

window shelf with new wood

I cut a square piece of wood diagonally to use as the corner brackets, it's much less expensive than buying them. 

wooden shelf brackets to hold a shelf on a chippy window.

This chippy window has no glass in it which is great because it isn't as heavy as the one with glass. 

You will notice that the chippy window and the new shelf are not the same color so I'm about to give them both a paint treatment that will create a coordinated look. 

I began by painting the shelf completely with a dark grey chalky paint. Any kind will do, they are all about the same for a project like this. On the window frame I just quickly brushed the whole thing with the same color. 

A window shelf with a painted shelf to match the chippy window.

When the grey paint was dry I took a tiny bit of white chalky paint on my dry brush and quickly brushed it all over the grey. 

Dry brush technique on window shelf.

You can see from the quick brushing I did on the window frame that it now matches the shelf. 

Matching the shelf to the window on a diy window shelf

The whole window shelf is an old and chippy match now. 

Making a Window Shelf with an Old Chippy Window

I'm adding D rings to the back for hanging and replacing the last window shelf I hung over my bed with this one. 

Making a Window Shelf with an Old Chippy Window

As much as I'd like to believe that I securely hung the other window into the studs on the wall, the fact that it was so heavy and could possibly fall on our heads in the middle of the night was keeping me awake.

And I definitely don't need anything else keeping me awake at night. 

Want to make a wreath for your window? Here is a great DIY tutorial you may like.

Making a Window Shelf with an Old Chippy Window

Hope you enjoyed this easy DIY window shelf and that you will give it a try yourself. 

This post contains affiliate links to some of the supplies you could use to make one yourself.


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  1. Very cute! I love working with architectural salvage. I have made a few window shelves in the past. I love the paint finish you used on this one!

    1. Thank you Lisa! I do love the finish on this one too :) It is easy to do and you can hardly make a mistake. If you put on too much white just go back with the grey to tone it down :)

  2. I love the addition would look great in an entry for a place to set the keys. The finish is fantastic too!

    Carole @ Garden Up Green


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