How to Make a Utensil Crate for the Summer

I'm making another crate today, this one is a tote to carry utensils and napkins for outdoor dining.

wooden scrap wood box

I began by using old fence wood from the garage.

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I cut the wood to the size I wanted with my sawand assembled the box.

building a crate

I painted the tote in a flat white.

handle through a hole in the box

I drilled holes for the handle and used a spindle from an old chair as the handle.

whitewashed utensil holder

A skewer stick through the spindle keeps it in place.

spindle to hold handle in place

I printed out the word "EAT" on my computer and used carbon paper to transfer the design to the box

Then I painted in the letters with a black paint stick and sanded the image when it was dry.

EAT lettering on the crate

Transfer EAT on crate

I placed a sectioned piece from the inside of a dollar store utensil divider inside the box.

metal divider

inside view of crate

I added decorative napkins and a glass jar for a little color.

crate filled with silverware, mason jars and napkins

And a beautiful utensil crate was born!

Filled utensil crate

A great crate for inside or out!

I recently made another easy recycled utensil holder

Just a little note, this crate also works to hold school supplies.

crate filled with school supplies

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