Recycled Can Summer Picnic Caddie

It's time for Ten on the Tenth and what better theme for summer than picnic and barbecue ideas!

Recycled Summer Picnic Caddy and overlay

Today I'm re-sharing an idea I came up with several years ago and used at our barbecues ever since. 

A caddy for silverware from recycled cans

This is an easy project using recycled aluminum cans and reclaimed old wood that took only minutes and a few screws to make. 

Rustic DIY Recycled Summer Picnic Caddy with overlay

We use this recycled caddy in the kitchen and bring out to the deck for outdoor dinners. 

I made several and sold most of them back when I had a shop. 

Some of the caddies use two recycled cans and some use four; two attached to each side of the reclaimed handle.  

Rustic Recycled Summer Picnic Caddiy

You can read all about how these were made by visiting the original post here.

recycled silverware holder and dinnerware

Fill it with silverware and napkins, the easy built in handle makes it easy to carry to wherever you need it. 

recycled cans with wooden handle and silverware

My favorite use for the caddy with 2 cans is for my salt and pepper grinders. 

The cans keep the salt and pepper from getting all over the table! 

recycled cans with salt and pepper mills

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Collage of recycled can with handle uses
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