How to Make Antiqued Clothespins

Recently I did a post about my Crib Spring Memo Board.

How to make aged clothespins

I had so many wonderful comments but I kept thinking about one comment every time I walked past the crib spring.

Heather said I should stain or paint my clothespins. 
Well Heather... you were right! Thank you for your inspirational comment.

This post is for you!

How to make DIY aged clothespins

How to Make Antiqued Clothespins

and dumped them into a solution of white vinegar and a steel wool pad...
Note: it has to be an old SOS pad that rusts. 

Materials needed to make Antiqued Clothespins

I actually have a steel wool ball in the bottom of this jar and I just keep refilling it.

I left the clothespins in the solution for about 1 minute.

Then dumped the clothespins onto a paper towel to dry.

DIY Antiqued clothespins with supplies from home

And hellooooo... they look sooo much better now!

All distressed, antiqued and beautiful!

Antiqued clothespins with supplies from home

Of course I had to go back and antique every clothespin in the house!

How to stain clothespins from supplies you have at home

Thank you Heather! 
You inspired me today!

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