Cable Knit Pincushions

These beautiful old molds...

and this chunky, gorgeous, cotton cable knit sweater...

came together to make a beautiful pincushion!

I cut out a square of fabric.

and hand sewed it in a large circle, pulling the sting tight as I went.

When I got to the end I stuffed the circle with cotton balls.

and tied it tight.

Then I hot glued the stuffed fabric into the mold.

  And voila!

Adorable little pin cushions...

And... the rest of the sweater became a chunky, cozy, pillow cover. 

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I am Susan, the author and creator at Homeroad. I am a wife, mother of 4 daughters, and a grandmother of 5 and counting. I am a retired teacher, a DIY blogger and an artist at heart. .


  1. This is super cute! I love cable knits! They are sooo pretty!!

    I'd like to invite you to come link up at my first Link Party going on now!! I hope to see you there.

  2. What a great sweater, Susan! I love that you got two projects out of it, too. Those molds make for great pincushion bases. Love the pillow; I almost bought one of those at a store, but it was too much money. Especially after you see people making them from old sweaters.

  3. Love the pillow cover! Looks so Pottery Barn ;)

  4. Love those square molds! So clever to use the sweater!


  5. Cute! I think I could do that even if I had to use the glue gun. Well not the pillow!


  6. Hello Susan-
    What a wonderful idea. I have a bunch of these molds that
    I just found at the Goodwill.
    And your pillow looks wonderful. Thanks for your inspiration.

  7. yet another brilliant idea. Love those molds.

  8. Oh my this is so adorable! I want to make one!!

    Shared on FJi Facebook and pinned for SNS 122. :)


  9. Great repurposing. I love it! Stopping by and following via the Linky Followers Blog Hop at Its So Very Cheri!!! Have a great day!! :)

  10. Adorable! I have a few little molds like that purchased a few years ago. Now I know what to do with them. And its a two-fer project, even better!

  11. So cute! I made a cable knit cushion cover out of an old red sweater & I adore it. It's so cuddly for the winter months.


  12. Your pincushion and pillow are lovely! Love how you repurposed the wonderful old sweater. Really pretty!

  13. I thought for sure I had commented on this post! Goes to show how unclear my thinking is these days!! I love how cozy that pillow looks and the pincushions are very cute....great way to use up the scraps. Love them!


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