A Thrifted Desk Organizer

6:25:00 AM

From these cool tins.... 
comes an organizer for your desk!

The first project I used these vintage molds for was a
knitted pincushion...

That still left me a whole bunch of tins to use for something else... 

The little molds sat on my desk collecting junk for a while until I finally looked at the junk collection and decided to attach them to a long metal tray and use it as a 

I hot glued each little mold onto the long metal tray.

It is perfect for holding string and push pins...

I attached a piece of ruler for quick measurement.

A pincushion, a covered tin for hooks, another for string...

And finally... molds to hold mini clothespins and washi tape. 

The tray is metal so my magnetic Scrabble letters found another great home.

The perfect rustic, repurposed desk organizer!

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  1. Great idea!!!
    Ladybug Creek

  2. You just have a 'look' that is amazing. I think you could easily write your own decor/project book. Have the publishers contacted you yet?

  3. Susan, what a cute idea, thanks. I picked up like 20 of these buggers and have been using them as candle holders but I like your idea better. Thank you again ~

  4. Love this idea! I see those little tins on my adventures all the time. Never knew what to do with them so I pass them by...ummm..not no more! thanks for the inspiration!

  5. It is a perfect desk organizer! Great idea. I have lots of those little molds, now I just need to find a tray to attach them to. Love the addition of the ruler for quick measure!

  6. I love everything about this, Susan! Including the fact that it doesn't look like it takes up much room at all.

  7. You continue to amaze me! This is darling.

  8. Very cute idea! Those little molds are always lurking around at flea markets too.

  9. This is a very creative and awesome idea! I have some of these molds in the basement! Thanks for sharing!!

  10. So I was stopping over from Holly's blog @DowntoEarthStyle thinking I have never been here before, and when I arrive I was like well duh. I thought whoever would nominate Holly must like the same stuff as me so I better check out that blog...... come to realize I already did and followed it too!


  11. Ok, you got me thinking again. I just got a bunch of those at Christmas....Love what you did with them. Thanks for sharing.

  12. Hi Susan! What a great little organizer! I also think this piece would be great for serving snacks! Each little tin could hold something different. Are they rusty? I don't know if they're food safe - but I think it would look great for a snack tray!


  13. awesome! Love the cute idea!

  14. So cute and functional--I love the personalization of it and the measuring tape on it.


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