Recycled Valentine's Day Wreath

rag wreath with hearts that say welcome.

A beautiful DIY wreath made with recycled fabric.

duvet rag pile for wreath

This project began with an old duvet cover that was on its way to Goodwill and an old broken grapevine Valentine decoration.

I put them together and they turned lovely!


knotted strips of duvet fabric

I ripped up the duvet cover into long strips and tied them around a wire wreath form.

I pulled the WELCOME hearts off the old, broken grapevine Valentine decoration and wired them onto my new wreath.

Welcome rag wreath on a red door

And what about the leftover grapevine wreath?

sticks wrapped with recycled fabric

I wrapped scraps from the duvet and the bows from the original decoration around the grapevine sticks.

coffee stained bundles of grapevine with fabric

I dipped them in a coffee bath to give them a primitive look.

Please pin --->>

rag wreath pin with overlay

candles and a bowl filled with fabric wrapped sticks

I made cute little rustic bowl fillers with them.

Look around and see what you have to recycle!

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