Make a DIY Farmhouse Light for Less

For many years we've been eating in the dark. I looked high and low for a light that I liked (and that didn't cost a fortune) for over our farmhouse table. An electrician had to wire the light for me so I was hoping to save money and not have to take it down and put up another one.

The light that came closest to what I wanted was this one.

box picture

$24.99 at Home Depot

Right light but wrong cord,I didn't like the way the black cord just hung there.

So here is what I did... I ran the plain, black cord through a matching ceiling fan pole 
I purchased at Home Depot.

The top of the pole was threaded to originally screw into another part so in an attempt to hide the threading, I found a plumbing part that fit on the top of the pole and I painted it to match.

The electrical box was attached to a beam in the ceiling so the box was not hidden in the ceiling so I painted the box to match the pole as well.

(I gotta tell you the electrician was totally impressed with my ingenuity! LOL)

I'm very happy with the results and the cost of the DIY light was a huge savings!

The light was just what I wanted!

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