Bun Footed Tabletop Wooden Pedestal

Another project from this fabulous find.

Bun Footed Raised Table Tray Pedestal

See that bottom piece?... 

Bun Footed Raised Table Tray

the one with the cute little bun feet...

DIY Bun Footed Raised Table Tray

I was thinking of those great raised pedestals like they sell in those expensive magazines.

I think I could make one with the same bun feel.

The first thing I had to do was to fill in that hole in the center.

Filling a hole with a dowel and wood filler

I sliced off the peg end from the spindle that originally sat in that hole, then filled the center of that with a dowel. 

I used wood filler and sanded it completely flat... as an after thought I should have stained the center dowel to match the oak.

I found a great image from Graphics Fairy, Mod Podged it onto the piece, let it dry and rubbed off the paper.

This process is explained here and here.

Modge Podge technique for transferring an image

I gave it a coat of polyurethane for protection.

Modge Podge for transferring an image

It made an awesome raised table pedestal with bun feet!

Bun footed tabletop wooden pedestal

Bun footed tabletop wooden pedestal

Thanks to my neighbor's garbage!

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