DIY Weathered Rolling Basket

Giving this basket a weathered look came naturally....

Actually Mother Nature had quite a hand in it...
This basket started life last summer as a new basket from the thrift store. 

I spray painted it white, then left it outside.

Yes, I left it outside for a couple of months and Mother Nature helped make it look like an authentic antique.

If you don't have a few months to wait you could paint 
the basket white with chalk paint then sand off 
the paint until you've achieved a weathered look.

Next I added antique wooden wheels.

And since I didn't have the original parts to these wheels, I used Gorilla Glue Epoxy and capped off the wheel posts on 
the inside of the basket.

I added a muslin bow through the holes for a new handle.

And Mother Nature and I created an old weathered rolling basket that looks like it's been around for decades.

Perfect for extra storage!
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