Vintage Griddle Shelf

After giving this old aluminum handle-less griddle a coat
of chalk paint...

the possibilities became clear...

I added a handle where one was missing, this was a piece of
drift wood that I carved down to fit into the handle slot and added Gorilla Epoxy to keep it there.

I drilled a hole into the top of the handle for a string.

A shelf was added by drilling through the aluminum and screwing the shelf on from the back. 

Aluminum is very easy to drill through. 

The shelf is an old piece of moulding left over from another project.

The best way to hang this is by using a Dischanger they are the perfect solution for hanging items with no hook on the back. 

The large size is needed for this heavy pan.

This little shelf is the perfect place for kitchen spices.

Another great addition to a farmhouse kitchen!



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