How to Make a DIY String Cone

10:16:00 AM

This deal got away...

I subscribe to Decor Steals because I think the things they 
offer for sale are adorable!

This one was great but it got away...
so I looked around my junk pile and made my own!

A metal finial from an old outdoor lamp and a wooden pedestal...

I drilled a hole in the base and screwed the finial into the base.

I gave the whole thing a coat of dark grey paint.

Then I started wrapping the jute....

The burlap bag was a Decor Steal too!

And there you go.... Free!
I missed the deal but made my own.

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  1. Susan LOVE that and you're so smart and thrifty. Of course jute in any shape or form is so yummy but I applaud your creativity, just marvelous.

  2. Very clever! I saw that deal too and wanted to snatch it up but I like that you made your own!


  3. Oh I love what you did!! Everyone sure needs their own junk pile!!

  4. So cute...I'm pinning this to make using ribbon in my craft room!

  5. I also follow Decor Steals....missed several because of being at work at the "wrong time"....~Yours is more the finial!

  6. Susan, yours looks great! I'm hooked on Décor Steals too - love their stuff!

  7. O.M.G!! FOR REAL !! I almost ordered that and now I am so glad I didnt !! I am going to totally copy cat you ! AMAZING!! ROCK ON !!

    Rhonda from WI.

  8. So Funny! Yes, we had the same idea.
    Well, it's an easy project that I can really use.
    Love yours!

  9. Susan,
    I L O V E what you did to re~create the string cone!
    I'll be on the look~out for a cone shaped object when
    a tour local Antique Mall & Flea Markets!!!
    Thanks for sharing!

  10. Of course you made your own!! You are clever like that...LOVE it :)

  11. Love this! Featuring you tonight on tickled pink!

  12. And I have to say that yours has homegrown, homeroad personality, unlike any other. Way to go!


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