DIY Matte Hammered Charger Plates for the Holidays

       I found these chargers on sale for a pack of 6
but the only color available was gold. 

Gold metallic charger plate

They were great but I'm not a big fan of gold. 

As a matter of fact there is not a gold thing in this whole house. 

Not a gold knob, gold jewelry, no gold!! 

So I decided then and there to paint them. 

Matte Hammered spray paint

I am however, a huge fan of black and white so hammered black it is. 

My dishes are white so this color will be perfect... and it will be slightly textured. 

I started out by laying them out on a large piece of cardboard on the lawn. 

Charger plates put side by side on cardboard

Just a note... You may notice that it is fall right now and there are tons of leaves... not the best place or time to be spray painting. 

I was lucky... when I ran out of paint half way through and had to go get more, there were still no leaves on my plates. 

Spray painting Charger Plates

Very luckily!

Black Hammered Charger Plates

These chargers were looking pretty darn good already!

Black Charger Plates on a picnic table

When they were almost dry I brought the chargers inside so nothing would happen to them until they were completely dry. 

Black Charger Plates lined up on a bench

The next step is to try them out with my dishes so they will be all ready for Thanksgiving dinner.  

white plate and black charger with orange buffalo check napkin

Place setting at Thanksgiving dinner

Table set for Thanksgiving

I'm thinking they're gonna look great for Christmas too!

Place setting with Christmas plate

I'm thinking to make chargers in more colors, 

I always love a good DIY and the price was right up my alley!

charger plate pin

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