How to Make a DIY Log Holder

This DIY log holder project is brought to you 
today by my husband Jim....

He had a picture of a log holder he wanted to make... So we were off to Home Depot.

To be honest the power tools in this family are mine... Jim does the cooking.

Two years ago we built a fire pit together (my most popular post ever) so this should be easy!

In the middle of Home Depot on Saturday morning we had major "discussions" on just how to proceed.

After asking a couple of the Home Depot experts we left there with the following:

We used pressure treated boards:

two 8 foot 4x4's 
three 8 foot 2x4's
two 10 foot 1x6's
3" decking screws

One thing we were sure of... Being power saw newbies... we were going to get the 4x4's cut at at the store.

The 8 foot 2x4's were used for the sides, The now four foot 4x4 posts were used for the legs, and the third 8 foot 2x4 was cut and used as cross braces on each side.

The 1x6 pieces were cut into 2 foot boards to use as the flooring of the log rack. They were spaced 3" apart.

The front yard is filled with cut logs we collected from the hurricane and once it is all split, it will stack nicely in the new log holder.

So now comes the fun part... get splitting Jim!

This was a fairly easy project so we finished it in one afternoon with little or no swearing... and we're still married.

*update.... we received a lovely email from the Andersons in 
Pennsylvania letting us know that they built the log holder from these directions. They were very happy with the ease and low cost of this design.  

Below is a photo of the excellent job they did on their log holder.

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