Easy DIY Outdoor Coffee Table Build

I've needed a new outdoor table for some time now but so far haven't seen anything I liked that was big enough. So today I'm building my own. 

Coffee table on the deck

I recently finished a garden table for potting my plants and this build was very similar. 

I used pressure treated wood and decking screws. 

I will admit that while the table isn't perfect, I'm learning as I go and I'm loving every minute of creating what I want for less. 

For this project I used: 

I began by building a box with the 2"x4"s. Mine was 4' long by 26" wide. 

Table upside down with legs attached

The first step was to cut the 4"x 4"s into 20" lengths for the legs. 

This should have been done in a minute but my chop saw was not large enough to go through the wood. 

I ended up calling on the help of a crafty neighbor and his larger chop saw. 

I screwed the legs into the corners of the box using the decking screws. 

Next, I flipped the table over and cut the top 1"x 4" planks into 27" lengths and screwed them to the top leaving a space between each board. 

Chop saw and edge of table being worked on

If I had to do this part again I would have used the nail gun to attach the planks however the nails may not be long enough to hold the planks securely. You can also use 2" nails and a hammer.

The screws worked great, and are probably the most secure way, but you may want a cleaner look.  

pressure treated coffee table

I drew a line down each side of the table top 1" from the edge so my screws would be in a straight line.

Coffee table with tools on top

As almost an after thought I added post bases to the bottom of each leg for a decorative look. 

Table leg with cap on bottom

Another weekend project finished and checked off my to-do list. 


If you look closely you will definitely find the imperfections but the rustic, no worry look is what I was going for. 

Sitting with feet up on coffee table

I'm so happy with the large size of this table, it is perfect to gather around for a drink or to put up your feet and read a book. 

Guess which one I'm doing now!

View of coffee table in new spot

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wooden coffee table on a blue fish rug

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outdoor tables with overlay

One day I may stain the table but for now I'm going to let the pressure treated wood weather and see how I like it. 

It is recommended that you wait up to 6 months to stain so there is no moisture in the wood. 

Coffee table and seating arrangement

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*A couple years later this table is still going strong! What would I have done differently? Instead of using screws to secure the top boards I would have used a nail gun. The screws have caused some splitting as the pressure treated wood ages. 


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