Repurposed Bakeware Bowls

I'm having a lot of fun in my 
workshop with thrift store bowls.

repurposed thrift store bowls

You've seen them... those wooden salad bowls and vintage bakeware that nobody wants anymore.

I love figuring out the best and most secure way they 
can fit together. I use screws, knobs and finials from my 
many bins of collected bits and pieces.

This one I'm calling the pistachio bowl,
nuts on the top, shells on the bottom...

repurposed thrift store bowls

This pretty lady is painted yellow with dark wax
and is perfect for accessories in the bathroom.

repurposed thrift store bowls

This one has a curtain rod finial as the center bling.

repurposed thrift store bowls

And this little cutie is a mini... 
a great tiered dish for something small.

repurposed thrift store bowls

In case you missed my other post on 

it includes the DIY on these beauties...

repurposed thrift store bowls

I think I need an intervention!

Check Homeroad Etsy if you are interested
in owning any of these great repurposed bowls.
They come and go very quickly around here!

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