Vintage Tart Tin Angel Ornaments

When I found about 100 metal spring photo holders at a garage sale I knew someday they'd be something great.

springs and mini tart pans

Today's that day... 

I had a bunch of vintage tart tins and old clock faces.

angel ornaments with clock faces

I worked a little magic, turned on the creative machine and got to work.

There is nothing I love more than to sit with a bunch of parts and work them until they turn into something new.

back of angel ornament

I drilled holes in the center of the tart tins then attached the tins to the top of the spring.

I pounded a few of the extra tart tins flat then cut them in half to create wings.  

I attached the wing to the back of the spring using hot glue.

back of ornament with jute

On the inside of the tin I painted the inner circle with Old White chalk paint.

When the paint was dry I added an old clock face. 

The circle on the face of the clock made the perfect angel mouth.

I used a Sharpie and added eyes.

Vintage tart ornament

I hung a length of jute at the top of the spring to turn the angels into hanging ornaments.

Angel ornament pin with overlay

2 clock faced ornaments

These little cuties will see you at the craft fair!

Angel ornaments with overlay

And then these little cutie sold out! 

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