Repurposed Rooster Chandelier

My thrift store find of the day was this great rooster chandelier.

white rooster chandy with candles

I saw one online that is still for sale for $739.00!!

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The one I found at the thrift store, however, was not in great shape but no where near that kind of money!

I love roosters but a face lift was certainly in store for this chick.

I brought it home and cleaned it up immediately.

I began with a coat of textured white spray paint.

white painted rooster chandelier
rooster chandelier painted white

Next, the electricity and the candles needed to go.

The electric wires were cut when I bought it, there was a broken bulb stuck in the socket, and the shades were crispy so like everything else, I pulled it apart.

I needed something to create a cup to hold tea light candles in each arm of the chandelier. 

Rummaging through my pile of junk I found this... It is a photo display from IKEA.

ikea photo display in package

A few parts from this Ikea clothesline will work perfectly.


I needed to even out the surface and create a cup for the candle...

3 section photo of cup holders

After gluing these pieces together then painting it white, the chandelier looks like it was made to hold tea lights or votive candles.

tea candle

Here it is... no electricity needed. 

It can be hung anywhere and looks beautiful.

tea light candle chandilier with overlay

Great for some romantic candle lighting.


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