DIY Mason Jar Healthy Snack Kit

I really need to start eating healthy.
I've put on a few pounds and it's time to do something about it!

DIY Mason Jar Healthy Snack Kit
I saw a great idea for a healthy snack kit using a Mason Jar on Pinterest.

If you are a regular follower you know I don't spend too much time in my kitchen, other than decorating it that is. 

Actually the only other food related item I've posted in the past 4 years is my healthy zucchini bread recipe. If you haven't tried it... it's delicious!

This idea however, made me want to write a post. 

The insert being sold for the Mason Jar kit I saw on Pinterest was quite costly.

But while eating a cup of Dole red grapefruit last night
I had a great idea to recycle the little plastic cup.

I was really hoping it would fit...

DIY Mason Jar Healthy Snack Kit

and sure enough the little plastic cup sat right inside the lip of a wide mouth Mason jar.

DIY Mason Jar Healthy Snack Kit

Perfect fit!... and free!

DIY Mason Jar Healthy Snack Kit

I filled the Mason jar with cucumbers and red peppers then filled the plastic cup with hummus.

DIY Mason Jar Healthy Snack Kit

The lid screws on tightly and it's ready to go!

DIY Mason Jar Healthy Snack Kit

A perfect healthy snack on the go.

Fill the jar with peanut butter and celery... Nutella and pretzels? (ok not so healthy) 

Ranch dressing and carrots?
Caramel and apples?

Oatmeal for a travel breakfast?

What healthy snack would you carry in these great jars?

DIY Mason Jar Healthy Snack Kit

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