Cocktail Shaker Flower Vase

A thrift store find makes a gorgeous unexpected vase...

Cocktail Shaker Flower Vase

This .99 cocktail shaker was missing a few pieces but was perfect for what I had in mind...

Cocktail Shaker Flower Vase

A few supplies from Michael's was all I needed to turn this thrift store vase into a beautiful decoration for Spring.

You can read all about the construction of these flower arrangements here.

Cocktail Shaker Flower Vase

The spout of the shaker was missing so I used a beautiful mercury glass knob in it's place.

All I had to do was to screw it into the screen that was inside the spout. It was a perfect tight fit.

Cocktail Shaker Flower Vase

I dropped in a bunch of faux daffodils and I'm done.

Cocktail Shaker Flower Vase

Think outside the box for flower vases from the thrift store that are not only stylish but serve the purpose as well!

I will be filling this beauty with fresh flowers just as
soon as I can! 

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  1. Love it! I just did a collection for ebay of unexpected planters and vases. I'll have to search for a cocktail shaker to add it to my collection.



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