Use a Shutter to Build a Shelf

I never pass up a shutter!

Shutter Shelf

Shutters make great organization stations and even a privacy screens.

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Today I'm turning this old shutter

Shutter with before overlay

into beautiful shelves!

Shutter Shelf painted brown with milk paint

I created shelves using 1" x 4"s, triangle shaped mini blocks, and a strip of moulding that I added to the front of each shelf to form a ledge.

Shutter Shelf in workshop with milk paint

I painted the shutter piece in Miss Mustard Seed Milk Paint in Curio

As you can see the milk paint dries a very dusty color...

I finished off the piece with a coat of Hemp Oil

Hemp Oil is my new favorite finish.

It is easy to apply and gives a rich beautiful color to every color of milk paint.

shelf made from a shutter with enamelware number

The shutter shelf is finished. 

It is the perfect place to hold knick knacks, even post a photo or note with a clothespin clipped to the shutter slats.

Shutter shelf with pitcher

Like it? 

Shutter Shelf with overlay

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