Milk Paint Black Hutch

Every blizzard needs a good project and this black milk painted hutch is mine. I made-over an old outdated hutch into a farmhouse beauty!

MMS Typewriter Hutch

What else do you do when there is 2 feet of snow outside your front door? 

This is the before... I bought this piece sight unseen
from a Facebook group page.

They delivered it to my front door and the price was right.

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old brown hutch

In the middle of my kitchen today while the rest of the family shoveled, I got started.

Because this oak hutch has a finish on it, I'm using Miss Mustard Seed Bonding Agent in my paint. 

I chose the milk paint color Typewriter because I love the rich dark color.

The milk paint goes on very smoothly and covered in just 2 quick coats.

painted detail with bonding agent

Before it is sealed, the paint looks grey and chalky.

top of hutch painted with bonding agent

I'm leaving the inside of the top unpainted. 

The wood is beautiful and will match the distressed edges of the hutch.

Details on hutch

When the paint was dry I distressed the edges and random surfaces of the hutch with fine grit sandpaper. 

I used 
Hemp Oil to finish the piece.

Hemp oil brings out the rich, dark color of the paint.

knob with hemp oiled paint

I wiped on the hemp oil, let it soak in, then wiped it off... couldn't have been easier!

Top view of black hutch

My blizzard project turned out so beautiful that I've decided to
keep this piece for myself... 

at least for a little while.

It got me out of shoveling too!

Black Typewriter Milk Painted hutch

I loved working with the milk paint and look forward
to using it again with this fabulous hemp oil finish. 

Black milk painted hutch

Need more milk paint inspiration?

I love Miss Mustard Seed's book, Milk Paint.

It has beautiful pictures of all the colors and explains how to mix the paint as well as how to use bonding agent and hemp oil. 

It is a great resource for all things milk paint!

Miss Mustard Seed Milk Paint Book

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