Burlap Message Center

Once again the clearance area in 
my favorite store gave me a great idea...

Burlap Message Center www.homeroad.net

A broken burlap shadow box with a glass framed top
was on clearance for about 75% off... The glass was broken,
the hinges were gone, but I saw the potential in the pieces.

The broken top of this shadow box will be seen again in another
project you can be sure of that... but today I'm 
just repurposing the bottom of the box.

I dry brushed white paint over the already green
color of the box then stenciled a design into the corner 
of the burlap using Graphite chalk paint.

Burlap Message Center www.homeroad.net

The next step was to add thick jute, screwing
it into the side of the box on each side then
adding another piece for hanging.

Burlap Message Center www.homeroad.net

The jute is for hanging notes and photos

 I painted metal pushpins with oil rubbed bronze paint
to hold notes to the burlap.

Burlap Message Center www.homeroad.net

Hop over and see the reloved Marshall's frames
that were also saved from their dumpster...


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