A Whole New Crop of Junky Punkys

At this time of year, everything is fair game...

A Whole New Crop of Junky Punkys www.homeroad.net

If it's round.... it gets painted orange...

repurposed pumpkins www.homeroad.net

Jello molds, tart tins, lamp shades....


repurposed pumpkins www.homeroad.net

Because when I add a furniture knob to the top...

It became a Junky Punky!

repurposed pumpkins www.homeroad.net

My friend Carlene at Organized Clutter made some Junk Pumpkins once that I fell in love with....

I thought it was so cute that ever since then I paint everything in sight orange in the Fall.  

I am adding Amazon Affiliate links so you can create this project and Homeroad will receive a small fee at no additional cost to you. Thank you!

repurposed pumpkins www.homeroad.net

One year I even painted a light fixture and made a Light Fixture Junky Punky. [HERE] 

repurposed pumpkins www.homeroad.net

I use Annie Sloan Chalk Paint® in Barcelona Orange... it sticks to metal fabulously!

When the paint dried I sealed it with Miss Mustard Seed Tough Coat.

repurposed pumpkins www.homeroad.net

Love these? 

Take a look at some other Junky Punkys from years past below...

Vintage Pumpkin Tin.



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