Sunday, October 13, 2013

Vintage Pumpkin Tin

Not sure what it was... 

looks like the top of something old and cool...

but because of my latest paint everything orange obsession...
I knew right away what it could be!

After a little Pin-spiration  from my blogging friend
Carlene from Organized Clutter and her cute 

I drilled a hole in the top and added this rusty thingy...

I painted it with 2 coats of 
Barcelona Orange

Added a wire coil around the stem...

and a star was born!

And then for a little extra bling I added a pumpkin
leaf and some berried garland...

Certainly a far cry from that old metal tin I found!


and don't miss all the other junky punkys!

2. Vintage Pumpkin Tin

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  1. I think that little guy was always meant to be a pumpkin. He is so cute!

  2. Your "paint everything orange obsession" - you crack me up! =) This is just perfect for autumn! Can't wait to see what you make orange next. =)


  3. I think it is a very old jelly mold (you know, the wobbly kind of jelly)!! It's a good switch-out for a pumpkin. :) Hx (Aus)

  4. Maybe it's a Christmas pudding pan, You know, "Now bring us some figgy pudding..."

  5. Wow. Such vision you had. Looks so cute!

  6. I'm wondering if you and Carlene both need an intervention this Fall? Not that I'm not enjoying all the junk pumpkins, I'm just jealous.

  7. I just love how you think. (I think I've said that before) but I do. It's fun seeing what you do with randow stuff. Love the little pumpkins.


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