Antique Church Fair Table

This adorable antique table comes with a little story.

Antique Church Fair Table

My church has a fantastic fair every year and the "good stuff" goes into an auction.

It is a silent auction but you can see the bids on a piece of paper.

I bid on this table right away and as it was getting down to the end and I had to leave I had another church member keep an eye on the bids for me. 

I told her I would go up to a certain price and she said she would make sure I got the table. 

Mind you the bidding was unbelievably cheap for this table. 

An hour later, I lost the table. 

It seems she went on break and another church member got the table. For way less than I would have paid I might add....

Anyway this man took the table home and his wife didn't want it. 

When he heard that I offered to buy the table he said I could have it, he would call me. 

Well to make a long story short... over a year later he got back to me. 

I had completely forgotten about the table and now it was FREE. 

His wife just wanted it out of the house. 

That's the quick down low on how I finally "won" this beautiful antique table. 

I really wanted to keep it for myself and because it was stained and scratched up, I painted it white...  I love neutrals in my house.

Antique Church Fair Table

I used Annie Sloan Chalk Paint® in Pure White.

I distressed the edges using fine sandpaper. 

Antique Church Fair Table

This beauty is finished and as much as I love it, I have no room left to put it in my house. 

I hope this beautiful antique table can finally find a forever home!

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