A Simple Hot Cocoa Station Gift

Sometimes all you need is a smaller version of a great idea to make a perfect gift.

A Simple Hot Cocoa Station Gift www.homeroad.net

This small sized hot cocoa station is a great hostess gift.

A distressed box I bought at Michaels was just the right size. 

Using one of my favorite stencils from Old Sign Stencils, I chose to use only the "hot cocoa" part of the stencil.

Instead of using the stencil as intended I traced inside the letters then painted the letters in on the box with red craft paint then distressed the words when they dried. 

Inside the box I added a block of wood to divide the box into two sections.  

A Simple Hot Cocoa Station Gift www.homeroad.net

I found jars that were the perfect size for each section of the box.

The jars also had an embossed section on them where I added a chalkboard label.

Portable Hot cocoa station as a holiday gift

I made a small spray of greenery and attached a bow. The pretty spray is attached to the block in the center of the box with a screw and is easily removable.

A Simple Hot Cocoa Station Gift www.homeroad.net

Fill the jars with hot cocoa mix and marshmallows and you have a gift any family would love.


I love how the stencils at Old Sign Stencils are so easy to customize to your needs. 

Use all of the stencil as I did on this Hot Cocoa Station Sign or only part of the stencil like on this hot cocoa box. 

A Simple Hot Cocoa Station Gift www.homeroad.net

Stop on over to Old Sign Stencils for a peek at Donna's great customizable holiday stencils. 

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