An Easy Tip for Adding Stars to a Hand-Painted Flag

Here is the easy solution to a problem I bet many of you DIYers have when painting an American Flag...

flag tray with geranium

How to paint 50 stars and have them come out all the same and neat.

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I bet many of you did as I did for this rustic American flag I made... 

I only made one star... easy and cute but what if you want 50 stars?

rustic flag with one star

Well here is what I did on this American Flag Tray I painted... You can go to the post and read the whole process but I'm going to give you a tip.

First I painted my flag... this tray was perfect because it had these lines in it already.

flag tray without stars

Next I used an old piece of plastic and a small star hole punch. 

I measured 1" lines all the way down the plastic until I had 10 stars in a row all evenly spaced. You will want to space your stars according to the size of the space you need. 

Then I punched the star hole at each line.

supplies needed to make a star stencil

star stencil and tray

I used a stencil brush with just a small amount of white paint and pounced in each star.

stenciling stars on a blue field

I repeated this for 5 rows.

This can be done on any flag and the star punches come in various sizes. I got my star punch at Michael's Craft Store. 

Stop by the original American Flag Tray post to see the complete details.

flag tray with overlay and plant

Happy Painting!

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star stencil and overlay


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