Replacing the Fence with Vinyl

While I'm all about rustic wood, when it comes to my fence 
I need to explain...

Before photo of old fence

There is rustic and then there's yuk

And this yuk is falling down, broken and covered with ivy. 

Ivy covered wooden sign

It all began when my neighbor put up a 6' white vinyl fence around his yard. 

We share one fence side so now we had 2 old ugly fence sides and one big bright beautiful fence side. 

You can bet that wasn't ok with me... so I grabbed the fence guy while he was still working next door and signed up. 

I bet that's how they get business... just make one side of the neighbor's yard nice and suddenly you are signing up the whole block.

A few days later, down came our ugly old fence.

Removed fence exposing post and beam fence

And away it went... 

Man carrying old fence away

In no time the new vinyl fence was up. 

We went with grey and white in the back and white on both sides so we would match our neighbors fence. 

And as one thing always leads to another we now need to add a top dressing of pea gravel to fix up the fire pit area. 

The pea gravel is coming today so I'll be letting you know how that goes soon...

If you are interested in our adventures in building this fire pit you can go {HERE}

chairs around a fire pit

The houses in this neighborhood are still way too close together for me but the 6' fence gives us a lot more privacy.

Perennial garden in full bloom

Everything! looks so much nicer and cleaner with the white backdrop... even my photos look better

Purple flowers in the garden

Garden with screen door in background

We have a lot of landscaping to do now that the new fence is in but we are off to a great start and look forward to a lot of work and a beautiful summer in the yard!

Grey garden shed

If you've been thinking of replacing your old fence for a vinyl fence you can see it makes a big difference! 

Vinyl fence and garden shed

(and let your neighbor go first, then one side is done for you!)

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I am Susan, the author and creator at Homeroad. I am a wife, mother of 4 daughters, and a grandmother of 5 and counting. I am a retired teacher, a DIY blogger and an artist at heart. .


  1. WOW... what an astonishing difference. You are right, your pictures absolutely sing!

    Now... about that old wood that was carted off... don't even make me ask if you saved any....

    1. So no... I didn't save any. I don't like doing projects with the rounded fence pieces, I like the flat. That being said this stuff is on the side of the road ALL the time so I didn't feel the need to save any LOL

  2. Nice fence. Hope you saved the wood from the old fence. I can think of a zillion projects you could use it for. lol

    1. Nancy I've made several projects with it in the past and have moved on to bigger and better reclaimed wood so nope... I got rid of it all believe it or not!

  3. beautiful! but! I can't believe you didn't save any of that fence! I can think about tons of projects, including ETSY (directional wedding) signs! I'm out of my regular fence for such signs, and have been using this type of stockade fencing for it. :)

    I got a new fence too! but mine took seven months!

    beautiful outdoor space you have now Susan.


    1. I know Gail!!! I'm actually leaving my shop at the end of July and unfortunately can't even think about saving all that wood right now. I have to find a new home for Homeroad and then I will be going wild again making projects :) :(

  4. Beautiful fence. I especially love the gray color you choose to mix with the white poles. Great job!

    1. Thanks so much Ivory... we have windows all along the back at the house and didn't want to look out at a sea of white. The grey made a big difference :) Thanks for your comment :)

  5. love the new fence...funny how you could find this wood and be all "I NEED THAT! WHO WOULD JUST THROW THIS AWAY?" But when it was yours and you hated that thing SOOO much you're all "PLEASE GET THIS AWAY FROM ME!" I'm kidding..but that's how I got a perfect old radio flyer bike from the dump once! Someone else was sick of tripping over it!


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