Fence Hangers for a Vinyl Fence

I couldn't wait to decorate....

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Did you every wonder how to hang things on a vinyl fence?

A big problem with a vinyl fence is that it is VERY white, which is why we went with a grey insert along the back. 

It still needs decorating in my opinion as I was trying to figure out how to hang things from the fence without making holes, I googled fence hangers. 

I needed some kind of vinyl fence hook.

What they were asking for "fence hangers" was cray-cray!

So this is my solution for fence hangers...

Over the door wreath hangers are perfect for hanging on a vinyl fence Homeroad.net

My solution... white vinyl fence hooks! 

Yep, over the door hangers... I bought mine in the clearance department at Michael's Craft Store. You can find them by following the bold link. 

Here is what I wanted to hang... my vintage American flag. 

If you flip the hooks around to the other side of the fence, they fit over the fence and hold the flag in place.  

Some hooks are made of metal so can be squeezed together at the top to tighten the grip on the flag. 

Just to update, it has now been hanging there all summer and holds securely.

Your neighbor might like the hook hanging on the other side too for hanging a wreath but there are only trees on the other side of this fence. 

A creative solution to decorating a vinyl fence, over the door wreath hangers. Homeroad.net

Works great and so inexpensive!

A Beautiful backyard and a tip for hanging a flag on a vinyl fence. Homeroad.net

I bought some shorter over door hangers too to hang longer things too.

An over the door wreath hanger works to decorate a vinyl fence. Homeroad.net

These over the door fence hangers are perfect and hang decorations securely over the fence for cheap!

Creative Fence Hangers for a Vinyl Fence. Homeroad.net

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