How to Build a Free Bench

Futons have gone the way of the water bed so they are easy to find on the side of the road or in thrift stores.

How to Build a Free Bench
The trick is to know what to do with it when you find one.

How to Build a Free Bench

When I picked this one up from the side-of-the-road I was sure the wood was good for something but little did I know that creating a bench from it was going to be so easy!

How to Build a Free Bench

There was very little cutting involved so not having major power tool experience at the time wasn't a problem.

Complete directions for this bench and the staining technique can be found {HERE}

Funny thing is I'd build it the same way today even though I have 5 years experience using power tools since then. 

This one is perfect for around our DIY Fire Pit. Take a look and see how easy it is to create your own!

Want to see the yard with the new vinyl fence
And then with the pea gravel update?
How about the potting table I put in the yard that I found on the side of the road? 

Click on the bold red links to see the updates that made all the difference!

How to Build a Free Bench

A similar bench with complete directions and supply list was made to go with my farmhouse table {HERE}.

How to Build a Free Bench

The best part about both of these easy DIY bench projects is that they were FREE to build. 


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