How to Build a Rustic Lattice Backed Display Shelf

Here is a display shelf I'm working on right now... I didn't get the "before" shot because frankly sometimes.

wooden lattice shelving

Sometimes I forget things I want to do... like take pictures of the before.

wooden lattice

Close your eyes for a moment and picture that this project began with just a large rectangle of 2 x 4 wood painted light green that a friend gave to me. 

She knew I could probably do something with it and really... 

I couldn't just leave it there.

The first thing I did was to use some found pallet wood as the shelves.

The pallet wood was already removed from the pallet and left in a huge pile on the side of the road. 

Thanks for that whoever you are!

I often think I should take photos of what I find on the side of the road... 

it's amazing what people throw away.

wooden lattice shelf

I thought about adding chicken wire to the back (which I love) but I'm out of it and didn't feel like going out to buy some more. 

After all, I was still in my pajamas. 

I had this old wooden lattice cut into pieces hanging in my workshop, you can see it on the wall in the background.  

The lattice only needed a few cuts with the jigsaw to fit onto the back of the shelves perfectly.  

Actually I take that back... 

lattice is NOT easy to cut with a jigsaw!

workshop and lattice shelf

I'm a messy worker as you can tell from my workshop.  

I kinda just drop everything I'm using until I finally do a big clean-up. 

When I'm not working on a project I'm usually cleaning and organizing my basement workshop. 

I've pretty much taken up the entire basement except for a small area for the laundry. 

Every time I clean I push the parameters of my space out a little bit more.  

My house is like that too... a little messy until I can't stand it anymore than I crazy clean it from top to bottom. 

If you're interested here is a rare glimpse of my clean house.

So back to the shelving project... 

wooden lattice shelving

When I was finished building the display I gave it a coat of Fusion Mineral Paint in Picket Fence which is a bright white. 

I love that there is no need to seal this beautiful flat chalky finish because it is self sealing. 

It's the perfect paint to use on anything that may need a little TLC (like this old lattice) because it hides the imperfections very well. 

wooden lattice shelving

My plan is that these shelves will be hanging in my little booth.

It will be for sale of course but will also be perfect for displaying all my smaller repurposed items so it's ok if it doesn't sell. 

Come on now, you know it will be gone in a minute now!

wooden lattice shelving with spool and cow

The best part is that these shelves can either hang on the wall with the 2 D rings I added to the back or stand on a surface for table top display. 

Or... how about hanging it sideways and use it to display 3 tall items? ... always thinking!

*Update... it sold in a minute! 

wooden lattice shelving with decorations and overlay

wooden lattice shelving pin

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