Make Your Own Pedestal Vases From the Thrift Store

These pedestal vases are not just for Easter.

tall pedestal DIY vases
But they sure do look nice filled with Easter Eggs this weekend.

Easter eggs in a tall pedestal vase

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Created with easy to find candlesticks and tall vessels found at any thrift store, they are easy to make with a little E6000 glue

DIY for creating a tall pedestal vase

Add E6000 to the top of the candlestick and stick it to the bottom of the vase. 

That's it. Oh and maybe put something heavy on top while it dries. 

It couldn't be easier or more inexpensive. 

I've been making pedestal dishes of one kind or another for years and you can check out more of them here.

Make Your Own Pedestal Vases From the Thrift Store

It is a great look for any occasion. 

Fill them with coffee beans, moss balls, or Christmas balls. 

Make Your Own Pedestal Vases From the Thrift Store or dollar store

This weekend I'll be filling mine with Easter candy & Easter eggs for the big Easter morning egg hunt. 

DIY vases using candlesticks and vases

Easter Eggs fill a DIY pedestal vase

Happy Easter and Passover Friends!

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