Real Looking Faux Plants

I will admit... I do not have a green thumb. 

Windowsill plants both real and fake

But can you really tell from my windowsill garden? 

Windowsill garden with real and faux plants

I'm using a DIY farmhouse tray I built a while back. Besides using it all the time as a lap tray, I have one on the windowsill for plants. 

So back to the plants... Some of these little lovelies are real and some are fake. Can you see the difference? 

Real and faux plants on a DIY tray

Take a good look...  The one in the back on the left is real (though hanging on for dear life) and the small one in the center is real. All the rest are fake. 

I need to remember to water these 2 or it will be quite obvious before too long which are the real plants when they wither and turn brown. 

windowsill garden

The large faux plant in the back is from IKEA. IKEA has great faux plants that look very real! I have it sitting in a whitewashed planter from Target.

The 2 small plants in the front are also from Target. I whitewashed these planters too. 

windowsill planters with faux plants

The nest on the spring was one of my most popular projects for Easter. Click the bold link above to see more. 

Farmhouse tray with windowsill garden
Whitewashed terra cotta planters on a windowsill garden

So don't be afraid to use faux plants in your decorating, they are made so well these days that it is hard to tell the real from the fake... unless you forget to water that is.

DIY tray with faux garden

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