Painting a Large Bible Verse Sign

Another day another request for something 
someone's seen on Pinterest.

Rustic Bible verse sign

I continue to wonder why I do this to myself. 

When I get these requests I kill myself trying to recreate a project someone's seen on Pinterest. 

It's stressful but definitely gets my juices flowing!

I warn them in advance, I am not making it exactly the same as the original... for many reasons. First of all being I'm not a miracle worker LOL.

Bible verse sign made to order

This is the beautiful photo my customer saw on Pinterest and with a little investigation I found out it came from The Grace House Interiors. (Please forgive me Jennifer!)

I started out by finding a piece of wood to use, the one I had on hand was 10" x 41". 

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I painted the board white then built a frame using 2" trim. I attached the trim using wood glue and my nail gun then clamped the frame until it was dry.

clamped frame for rustic sign

When it was dry I painted the trim grey

I printed the lettering in a similar font on my computer and arranged the words on another board the same size to get it right.

Rustic sign lettering for a bible verse sign

I used graphite transfer paper between the printed words and the board then traced around each letter.... yes I did!

I painted in each letter using the same grey paint I used on the frame then distressed the lettering with sand paper.

Rustic bible verse sign

My lettering is rustic and hand painted. I could have used a vinyl stencil to make the lettering perfect but I prefer the look of distressed and imperfect. 

I figure anyone who asks me to hand paint them a sign does too.

Rustic Farmhouse bible verse sign

DIY bible verse sign on large hutch

Hope she loves it as much as I did making it.

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