Making a Mannequin to Hold Jewelry

When I found this lovely lady she was a nobody. 

DIY mannequin to hold jewelry
Well actually she was just a body... found on the shelf at the thrift store. 

I knew with a little work I could make her gorgeous... after all I did a cute job with the last mannequin I found on the side of the road and updated.

The body of this mannequin is beautifully textured and hard like a cast. I painted it with a quick coat of paint to clean it up. 

Mannequin jewelry holder

To make her a true mannequin, I needed to give her a stand and a finial at the top. 

I used a pewter candlestick for the base and a wooden knob for the finial.  

silver pewter candle stick

I painted both with Fusion Mineral Paint Metallics in Brushed Steel. The paint made the base and the finial match perfectly. 

mannequin jewelry holder

I gave her a ribbon and a metal number tag around the neck.

I'm bringing this beautiful body back to life as a jewelry holder similar to the ones they sell at Pottery Barn. 

create a mannequin to hang jewelry

DIY mannequin to hang jewelry

She's beautiful and sold oh so quickly in the Homeroad cupboard at

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