Foundation Planting at the Front of the House

Another summer project under our belts and it all began 
with a few bad winters. 
This is how the old boxwood looked after too much snow spent too much time piled on top of them. The garage door had seen better days as well so we started the home improvements at the front of the house. As you read, don't forget to visit the bold sentences to read more about the story. 
When the idea to pull out all the boxwood under the window came about we needed a plan. Step one was to remove all the old shrubs, it was a huge job, the roots were long and thick, but here it is completed.

My husband researched plants that grew well in partial sun then we headed for the local nursery. After we found the plants we needed the next step was to lay them out where we thought they'd look best. 

When we were satisfied with the arrangement we began the planting. We used New Guinea Impatience in the front, Spirea Gold, Hosta, and Manhattan Euonymus.

We had a little more room for plants than we thought so we headed back to the nursery and picked up some Sage for the spot next to the mailbox. 

When the planting was finally finished, we gave the new garden a good soaking. 

A few days later we added a layer of black mulch to hold in the moisture. You can read our tutorial about edging and mulching the garden

Here's a little trick we learned while planting the garden... if you stick your phone in the mailbox it acts as a giant speaker for music while you work! 

If you haven't seen our very favorite plant for the urns in the front of the house, you can read about it by visiting this link. They bloom from April to November in the northeast and they couldn't be prettier!

Here is the finished garden a month later, the plants are all filling in beautifully and the black mulch tops it off! You can read all about that blue chair I found on the side of the road by visiting this DIY tutorial. 

We also spent some time conditioning the teak bench on the front porch so it looks clean and ready for the season. 

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I am Susan, the author and creator at Homeroad. I am a wife of 28 years, the mother of 4 daughters, and the grandmother of 4 grandsons. I am a DIY Blogger and a part time PreK teacher.


  1. How pretty are the new shrubs!!! Like us, you've been busy refreshing. It felt so nice to get the main entry spruced up, you know since no one can come in our mudroom anymore lest they want an arm gnawed off by a puppy.

    1. Thanks so much Bliss! Yes, my puppy is relegated to a gated off area in the back of the kitchen or we would not be able to have food in there. :/ To top it off we got 2 kittens that have ringworm we are having trouble getting rid of!!! What is wrong with us????

  2. Well, isn't that pretty! I've always thought the front of your home looked lovely, but this is outstanding. And I just popped over to read about your April to November planters! I am off to Home Depot now. I want them....

    1. Thank you Kim! Yes those plants are the best! You can make them climb a trellis too!


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