Hanging Farmhouse Colander Light

A fun farmhouse light made from a large colander. 

Hanging Farmhouse Colander Light

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Now for my project... A while back I was lucky enough to find this pile of treasures at an estate sale. 

Estate sale treasures and a vintage colander

I used the smaller metal shades I found to update the pendant lights in my kitchen. << You can read about it by clicking the blue link.

And visit this link to see what I did with that giant round board too! 

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Today I'm going to have some fun with that very large vintage colander. 

I began by cutting a hole in the bottom of the colander with a 1" drill bit. It is made from aluminum and is soft enough to cut. I then used tin snips to make the hole larger and bend back the metal edges. 

Using tin snips to cut an aluminum colander to make a light

Using tin snips to cut a hole in an aluminum colander to make a light
inside view
The next thing was to use an inexpensive hanging light kit and attach it through the hole. 

Adding a light kit to a vintage colander to make a light

The light kit fits perfectly in the hole and is attached with a plastic washer that screws from underneath into the bulb holder. The top however is not so pretty! 

So I had an idea...

I used one of the 4 metal shades I bought at the estate sale and cut off the top. 

Cutting tin to create a cover for a colander light

I sanded the sharp edges and using E6000 glue I attached it to the colander top to cover the ugly part. 

Create a cover for a colander light fixture

A metal cover for a colander light fixture

I added a bulb and hung the colander light from the ceiling to reveal a unique vintage farmhouse styled hanging lamp with a very cool night time display! 

A beautiful hanging farmhouse style colander light

Material list:
2. Vintage colander 

A DIY beautiful hanging farmhouse style colander light

Another idea is to hang it outdoors in the gazebo!

I can't wait to see how it looks at night! 

A million tiny stars!

Repurposed hanging colander light in the outdoor gazebo

Farmhouse colander light hanging outdoors in the gazebo


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