How to Make Hanging Terrarium Planters

I saw the cutest hanging terrarium planters recently. 

How to Make Hanging Terrarium Planters

They were easy to make and I had the perfect bottles so I gave it a go. 

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I began with 2 bottles. You can use any kind of glass jar, I just happened to have some with a thin neck

Glass bottles used to make terrarium planters

I wrapped rebar wire around the neck and created a handle. 

Adding rebar wire hangers to glass jars for terrariums

I filled the bottles 1/3 of the way with small pebbles then filled them the rest of the way with soil. 

DIY Hanging terrarium planters

I added the plants: one succulent and one herb, then hung them from the corner of the gazebo. 

Hanging terrarium planters for the patio

They look great and the plants will hopefully take root and grow in their new homes. They are hanging partially covered by the gazebo so they won't get hurt in a rain storm. You can read about our gazebo by following this green link. 

DIY Hanging terrarium planters for the patio

This was a quick and easy project on this gloomy, rainy day!

DIY Hanging Planters



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