How to Make a Lining and Decorate a Straw Market Basket

This lucky find is where thrifting meets a little sewing 
plus an easy fabric transfer.

Transfer method using Citrasolv on fabric

I'm reposting this post from when I first began Homeroad to show you just how easy it is to update a thrift store find. 

I found a like-new, straw market tote for $2.99 at the thrift store!

Turn a thrift store find into a work of art

It was perfect just the way it was but I decided it would be even better with a bit of custom lining and a graphic design on the outside. 

I had a vintage piece of curtain I was anxious to use and this was going to make the perfect lining fabric.

I measured the fabric to line the inside of the bag then sewed the sides and the bottom of the fabric together.

Making a lining for a basket

I added a fabric wrapped base from a recycled piece of hard plastic for the bottom of the bag to add stability.

The top of the lining is folded and hot glued to the inside edge of the basket. 

Repurposed curtain lining for a basket
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I used Citrasolv (Amazon affiliate) to transfer a design for the front of the bag. 

All you do is print out a reversed copy of whatever you want to transfer then dab Cirtasolv onto the back of the copy paper while it is on the fabric. The ink from the copy paper transfers onto the fabric in a light vintage looking image.

I frayed the edges of the fabric then used spray adhesive then hand stitched the design patch to the bag.

How to Easily Line and Decorate a Straw Market Basket

I turned this $2.99 thrift store find into a work of art that I can't wait to use!


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