Replacing an Old Deck with Trex Composite Decking

We have been all about home improvements 
this Spring. This time it was the deck.

Patio Furniture

Our old deck was getting close to 30 years old which meant it was way past its prime. 

The boards were rotting, the stairs were rickety, so it was time.

We got a few estimates for different types of wood and man-made decking materials but in the end decided to go with Trex which is a durable man-made product that lasts a lifetime. 

It will be the last time we will need to replace the decking.

As you can see this was not a DIY project for us. 

We hired RDC Interiors on Long Island for this project and they did a fabulous job. 

They began by removing the top layer of wood decking. 

We were lucky enough to be able to save the footings and the under side of the deck. 

Removing an old deck

This was a big job and removing all those nails alone took half the day.

The dog usually uses the back door to the deck to get to the yard and had a bit of a hard time with this renovation. 

dog and old decking

Construction of the new deck went quite well but I will admit Mother Nature gave us more than a few set backs this year. 

A few days it was cold and rainy but they worked...

partially placed Trex boards

As you can see things were coming along nicely...

Trex decking

And then there was this... 

We had to shovel off about a foot of snow to continue with this project. 

These guys were great!

Deck design with snow

Finally the railing was added and it looked like it was time to put out the furniture. 

Patio furniture

And then again there was this... 

What the heck? 

I was all about getting the cushions out there and enjoying the deck!

Patio furniture covered with snow

Finally after a few more cold days the weather turned and it seems we went from winter to summer all in a week. 

Wicker furniture

The new decking turned out amazing!

The gazebo went up, you can read all about how we put it together last year

This year you can read about how we anchored it to the decking with no damage.

Gazebo with furniture

Our deck furniture came from Amazon

It was put together in a few snaps and we love it. 

You can read about how I cleaned my old umbrella and gave it another good year or two.

The cushions came from Target and the rug came from Tuesday Morning. 

I ordered the yellow sunbrella pillows online.

Patio furniture

We built a DIY fire pit just behind the railing a few years ago and added the vinyl fence last year. 

Our yard is ready for Summer and so am I!!

Trex decking and overlay

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