Farmhouse Style Hanging Kitchen Lamp Shades

This is a project I've wanted to do for a long time! 

Hanging Kitchen Lamp Shades

I returned from an estate sale yesterday with quite the pile of treasures...

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Estate sale stash of treasures

For now I'm using the metal shades that sit inside that giant colander. 

There are actually 4 shades and I'm using 2 of them for today's project. 

I bought all 4 shades for $5.

First of all let me show you the hanging lights I now have over the island in my kitchen...

hanging pendant lights

Several years ago I wrote a post about these lights

They are actually nice hanging lights that screw into existing pot lights in the ceiling

It is an amazing idea and you can read all about them {here}

These are beautiful lights but I've always wanted to change the shade to something more farmhouse styled and today is that day. 

I removed the original glass pendant shades while they were hanging. 

Take a look at what they are now! > DIY Repurposed Lanterns

I ran into one problem with this idea and that was that the thin end of the galvanized shades didn't fit over the end of the lamp fixture... darn!

That didn't stop me! 

Using tin snips I cut the end of the shade off and sanded it smooth.

Cutting metal light shades to fit

This easy fix solved the problem. 

The shade then easily slipped over the end of the pendant. 

Inside the lampshade a round washer screws onto the bulb holder and holds the shade securely in place. 

Hanging Kitchen Lamp Shades

This could not be an easier project and it was EXACTLY what I wanted for my kitchen. 

It was such a lucky find!

Hanging Kitchen metal shade

Hanging Lamp Shades in. kitchen

I can't wait to get started on the next 
project from this estate sale pile! Stay tuned!

hanging farmhouse light in kitchen

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