A Newly Renovated Preschool Classroom

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If you didn't know... this blogger is also a teacher. 

Every once in a while I post about my "other job"... This year I am beginning my 35th year of teaching, most of it in preschool.

Today I'm sharing the progress of our newly renovated  preschool classroom. 

We were lucky to have the preschool wing in our private school renovated this year. 

What began as this very creative space for many years, spent the summer being transformed. 

You can read all about this classroom HERE.

Our furniture, floors and walls were old and in need of updating. 

At one point they painted the walls and we loved it but we still needed an upgrade. We are a small private school and want to offer our children the best. 

The progress went like this.... (Please excuse some of the photos that were shot quickly over the summer months) 

They took our rooms down to the studs!

And before we knew it, and by some kind of magic, it began to look like this...

We began this renovation process in June by emptying the entire room.

Every Lego, Tinker Toy, and crayon needed to be boxed up and hauled away so the workers could create their magic. 

When we got this far in the renovation, everything needed to be brought back in. 😬

I began the process by loading up my walk in closet.

Progress was being made on a daily basis. The workers and the teachers all worked their hardest to get this project finished for the start of school. 

Every shelf, ceiling tile and floor was re-done. Every inch is brand new! New chairs and tables are on the way!

School starts this week and these are lucky children to have this beautiful space!

Newly Renovated Pre-K Classroom

Renovations on our Pre-K Classroom

We are so thankful for our new space and know the children will thrive in this new environment!

Hope you enjoyed the tour!



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  1. What a gorgeous revamp! It looks so high quality!

    And I LOVE the photo with you in it! So cool to see you in action!

    1. Thanks so much Donna and thanks for visiting! The little boy in the photo is actually my grandson. I am lucky enough this year to have him in the PreK class next door and it couldn't make me happier! ❤️

  2. This is such a beautiful space. How wonderful to have a nice clean and creative space to start kids on their path in life.

  3. Nice transformation! Feels like even the air became cleaner with these white walls ;) enjoy the school year!


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