How to Make a Custom Porch Sign

Another request for a project seen on Pinterest. 

Creating a custom welcome to the porch sign.

I often get requests by friends, family and clients to re-create signs they found on Pinterest. 

You can read about another extra-large special order HERE.

It is not my intention to copy the work of other artists but I want to re-create something similar for my clients and I apologize if I don't know where the original idea originated. 

So I begin today with a request from a special person to re-create a sign similar to one she loved on Pinterest for their porch. 

I painted the board with a light grey "oops paint" from Home Depot then using a dry brush added white streaks over the top of the grey. 

For the lettering I began by searching through my list of fonts to find something similar. I use a website called wordmark.itIf you type in a word or phrase on this site it will show you how the word looks using all the fonts in your collection. I use this tool all the time! 

Once I found the fonts I was looking for I used my Silhouette vinyl cutter to create a stencil. I used stencil vinyl for this project which works very well when it is time to piece together the stencils and there is no bleeding. 

Creating a custom welcome to the porch sign using stencils.

When all the pieces of my stencil were positioned perfectly I began to sponge paint the letters. I use a large sponge pouncer to do this. 

Creating a custom porch sign using stencils.

When I finished I pulled off the stencils and let the lettering dry. 

In the end I sprayed the sign with a clear spray matte sealer

Creating a custom porch sign using DIY stencils.

Creating a copy-cat porch sign using DIY stencils.

The sign was finished and when I sent my friend a photo she was thrilled. We met for lunch and I delivered her sign.

Creating a rustic porch sign using DIY stencils.

Here is a photo of the sign hung on my friends porch. 

Welcome to the porch hand painted sign

Welcome to the porch hand painted porch sign

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