Rustic Coffee Sign with Aging Technique

Today I'm repurposing an old frame and using an aging technique that I absolutely love!

Rustic Coffee Sign with Aging Technique

This sign started out life like this...

I kid you not! 

I found it at the thrift store and while it may have been cute in it's day, it was a little bit damaged. 

The first thing I did was to paint the entire piece white, frame chalkboard and all. 

I didn't use anything special, just semi gloss white paint. I found mine in the oops section of the hardware store. 

I brushed on the paint but spray paint would work as well. 

Painting Rustic Coffee Sign with Aging Technique

I gave it 2 coats and when it dried I used one of my favorite new stencils from Old Sign Stencils to stencil on 2 criss-crossed arrows. 

I used black paint and a foam pouncer to apply the paint in the stencil. 

Stenciling Rustic Coffee Sign with Aging Technique

Arrow Stenciling Rustic Coffee Sign with Aging Technique

Once the black paint dried I grabbed a coffee stencil, again from Old Sign Stencils

The stencils are very well made and with proper care, will last as long as you need them. 

Arrow Stencil Rustic Coffee Sign with Aging Technique

I used brown and red craft paint for the lettering. 

When the stenciling dried I added the best part!

I use an antiquing gel like this one to brush on the stain. 

I began at the frame using the most heavy stain with an almost dry brush. I used a criss cross motion so the brush strokes were going in both directions. 

Gel stained  Rustic Coffee Sign with Aging Technique

I worked toward the center of the picture using less and less stain on my brush until I used almost no stain in the center. 

I was careful to go back and dab a little more stain in the corners. 

Gel stained Rustic Coffee Sign

Gel stained Arrow Rustic Coffee Sign

I love how this sign came out! It looks so old and it 
was very easy to do! 

If you're interested in purchasing Old Sign Stencils you can visit HERE. There are all kinds and they are a great investment you're going to want to use for years! 

rustic stained arrow coffee sign

Gel stained Arrow Coffee Sign

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