Make a New Pumpkin Patch Crate Look Old

Today I'm going to show you how to make a new DIY
crate look old and then fill it with goodies after 
pumpkin picking!

Make a New Pumpkin Patch Crate Look Old

I began by making a simple wooden crate and then painted it white. 

Building a DIY crate and making it look old

I added black metal handles to each side of the crate then stenciled on a pumpkin patch stencil from Old Sign Stencils. 

I let the paint dry overnight then used a chip brush to brush on my very favorite antiquing stain

When I use Rustoleum Decorative Glaze I paint it on and then rub some off. 

It's starting to look like it is right off the pumpkin farm!

Glazing a DIY crate

When you rub it off you may want to go back with your chip brush and add more color. 

On this quick video I show how you can go back in to add darker streaks.

When the glaze looked the way I wanted it, I let it dry for several hours. 

Pumpkin patch stencil on a DIY Crate

Then I sprayed it with a matte spray sealer to protect the finish. 

Antiquing glaze on a DIY crate

I filled it with faux pumpkins and easily created a rustic crate that looks old from my pile of scrap wood! 

I'm going to really love this when I fill it with real pumpkins after a trip to the pumpkin farm near me! 

DIY Pumpkin Patch Crate for Fall


Old Sign Stencils provided me with this stencil. All opinions are my own. 


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