Make a DIY Dryer Hose Pumpkin

       I'm jumping on the dryer duct pumpkin craze!

Make a DIY Dryer Vent Pumpkin.

I really didn't think it was possible to like a dryer duct so much! Not my invention but I just had to give it a try!

I began with this piece of hose/duct/vent (whatever you want to call it) actually leftover from my dryer installation. You can buy it HERE

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Make a DIY Pumpkin from this dryer vent

I'm telling you... it is beneficial to hang onto a little bit of  everything. 

I turned the dryer duct into a pumpkin shape and used hot glue to connect the ends. 

Make a DIY Pumpkin shape from this dryer vent

I cut a champagne cork and hot glued it to the top as a stem along with a clump of moss

Make a DIY Pumpkin shape from this dryer vent with a cork stem

To make a coiled tendril I used a piece of coated wire and wrapped it around the handle of a small tool. 

Make a tendril from coated wire

I used glossy orange spray paint on one of my pumpkins and matte grey spray paint on the other. 

DIY Pumpkin from a dryer vent

DIY Orange Pumpkin from a dryer vent

I added a faux leaf and a piece of pip berry to the top of the grey pumpkin for decoration. 

DIY Grey Pumpkin from a dryer vent

DIY Grey Fall Pumpkin from a dryer vent

These pumpkins are a cinch to make and the dryer hose is not expensive! 

DIY Fall Pumpkins from a dryer vent

Have fun creating!



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