How to Make a Rustic Box for Flowers

It's that time of year again! When the shops are full of flowers and I can't wait to get some planted in my yard. 
Beautiful flowers for the yard.

A funny story about these flowers... a friend posted a number to text to Lowes for a special one day coupon the other day, so I did and I won! I won a $100 coupon to Lowes so I went there and picked up all these beautiful flowers for my garden. 

This year my garden has challenges, we have a new dog. A large yellow lab puppy named Finn. So far this season he's chewed up a couple deck pillows and dragged more than a few of my decorative items into the mud. It is for this reason that I need to figure out how to protect my new plants this year.

Planter boxes are my plan. Decorative crates, boxes, and planters that can be displayed up high with flowers. Today I'm repurposing an organizer box from IKEA that I found at a garage sale. 
Ikea organizer and brook paint

First, I'm giving it one light coat of Brook by Fusion Mineral Paint. You can visit the Fusion Mineral Paint site to find a paint supplier near you. 
Ikea organizer painted in Brook Fusion Mineral Paint

Next, I stenciled a Potting Shed stencil by Old Sign Stencils to the front of the box. (Please note: All prices on this website are in Canadian) I love these well made stencils because they last forever and you can use all or only parts of the stencil on your project. I gave the box and stencil a good sanding with an electric sander to distress the edges. 
Shed stencil from Old Sign Stencils on a Flower Box

The next step was to add handles to each side of the crate. I'm sharing with you a tip to get the holes for the handles in just the right place... I dip the ends of the handles in a small amount of paint then print them onto the crate where I want the handles to be. Now I can drill right into the printed hole and the handles will fit perfectly! 
How to place handles on a rustic flower box.

Now that I had the handles in place, I was ready to antique the whole box. I used an antiquing gel product to paint on and wipe off leaving a beautiful antiqued color. I bought the gel stain at Home Depot. I antiqued the inside and outside of the box then sprayed with a spray sealer for protection. 
Rustic flower box for flowers with a stenciled Shed design

Well here is hoping that my flowers, and my decorative items, are safe from the dog this summer! I like how the flowers look in this crate anyway!
Rustic Stenciled Flower box for the yard.
Rustic stenciled flower box to hold flowers in the yard.
Flower box to hold flowers on the deck.

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