How to Make a Tiered Basket Planter

I bought these baskets from the Target dollar spot and repurposed them for my patio. 
How to Make a Tiered Basket Planter

They are almost like large berry baskets and will look beautiful when I'm finished. I began by finding the center of each basket by drawing a line from corner to corner using a ruler. 

Finding the center of a basket base.

Next, I drilled a hole into the center of each basket then put a double sided screw through the bottom. The double sided screw went into an old wooden base I had leftover from a repurposed ice bucket project. 

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Using a double sided screw to attach the post.

The other side of the double sided screw went into the leg of a chair I had laying around. 

Repurposed Tiered Planter.

As you can see the chair leg also had a screw in the top so that went through the top basket. 

Using baskets to create a tiered planter.

On the top screw I made a wooden top that the screw could screw into.  I used wood glue to secure every surface. 

DIY Tiered Basket Planter.

When the glue dried I brought the piece into the garage and using my HomeRight Small Spray Shelter, I spray painted the planter. The spray shelter is a great way to keep the paint from getting all over the garage. 

Using a Spray Shelter to Spray Paint a Tiered Basket.

I used a new stencil from Old Sign Stencils to add just a touch of decoration to one side of the baskets. I used the Locally Grown Herb stencil and only used a part of it this time. I like that about these stencils, I will use another part of the stencil for another project. 

I heavily sanded the baskets to give them a distressed look then sprayed the baskets with a matte spray sealer. 
All they needed now was to be filled with beautiful flowers for the summer! 

Geraniums in a DIY Tiered Tray Basket Planter.

I'm using red geraniums because they look so beautiful.

Geraniums in a Tiered Tray Basket Planter.

I'm going to keep this tiered basket out of the direct rain and sun so the baskets will stay beautiful all summer long. 

Making a tiered basket planter for geraniums.

Tiered Tray Basket Planter for Geraniums.

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