Make a Repurposed Lantern Planter

Have you ever seen a candle in a lantern that was left out in the sun? Well, now imagine a wax battery operated candle...

Make a Repurposed Lantern Planter

This was one of my favorite candle lanterns from Target. It held a battery powered candle and I had it out on the deck. Problem was I forgot to move it out of the sun and the whole thing melted into a big puddle, batteries included. Good to know it was actually made of wax but it was trash now. 

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At least the candle was, but the candle holder was soon to be a new treasure for the deck. I was having problems with slugs in my garden and I needed to find a new home for my marigolds, apparently slugs love marigolds. I had forgotten that when I planted them earlier this month. 

This lantern was going to be the new home of one of the marigold plants. 

Make a Repurposed Planter from an old lantern

I began by replacing the glass dome and filling the bottom of the lantern with about an inch of pebbles. On top of that I added potting soil. In the potting soil I planted one of the healthier marigolds I was trying to save. 

Plant marigolds in a repurposed candle lantern.

There is no doubt that the lantern is even cuter as a planter than it was as a candle. There is a little condensation in the dirt right now because the plant is sitting out in the sun, that should go away. 

Plant in a repurposed candle lantern.

I'm looking forward to caring for this marigold so it will grow stronger and healthier and far away from the slugs! 

Repurposed glass lantern for flower planting.

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